Here's some silly stuff:

  • My  Erdős number is 4.
  • Tenuously, thanks to a children documentary about Virtual Reality I was in, my Erdős–Bacon number is 7 - the same as Stephen Hawking and Natalie Portman!
  • I chose to study physics in middle school, because of playing Half-Life.
  • If we ever achieve immortality, I plan to become a space pirate.

My non-scientific interests include (in no particular order): reading copious amounts of books and manga, martial arts, sailing, Dungeons & Dragons (here's a summary of the campaign I'm the DM in), writing short stories, video games (though finding time is more difficult than it used to be), surrealist art (in increasing order of disturbing: Dali, Beksinski, Giger...), tinkering with programmable electronics - internet of things